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This project is supported by the Danish Agency for Culture – partly by a development fund and partly in relation to supporting the Danish knowledge strategy.

The project’s goal is to develop a simple and accessible concept in relation to the public libraries’ way of servicing users with reading disabilities.
The purpose of the project is to make it easy for the public libraries to assign higher priority to those with reading disabilities, in order for this group to have far better opportunities of gaining new knowledge, despite of their handicap.

The concept of the project is handed over as a virtual “tool-box”.

Within the project is gathered best practice from both home and abroad.

The concept is meant to be both simple and low of cost.

The public libraries of Herning have been head of the project, and made sure it was carried through. The public libraries of Horsens and Hillerød took part as sounding partners, with the object of testing the concept. The project’s steering committee included a representative of Nota, as well as a management representative of the public libraries of Herning municipality.

The project was closed by the end of May 2011.

The concept is presented and described at the website www.letbib.dk. The site is divided in two – User and Communicator.


The main purpose of the website’s user-oriented part is to present an example of materials fit for the user. The example collection of materials is divided by type of materials, and it is possible to order the materials directly via bibliotek.dk.


The part of the website targeted at the communicator is divided into 9 tabs:

The website

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Translated by Helena Sjørslev